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Tagging the sturgeon

It has been a great week for sturgeon tagging. We tagged 8 individuals this week. Luckily, Tamara Dietrich and Joe Fudge from the Daily Press were out with us. The article should come out in Thursday’s paper (April 24th), but the video can be found here: http://touch.dailypress.com/#section/702/video/p2p-79985863/

I thought we were going to get skunked when the press was on board, luckily there was a sturgeon in the last 300 feet of the last net. We are also beginning to see the 5-7 foot sturgeon arrive in the James River (have not landed one yet) and I have received a report of one breach in the Pamunkey River. Don’t forget, if you see a sturgeon breach in the Mattaponi, Pamunkey, or York Rivers do not hesitate to contact me (patm@vims.edu).


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